What Is The Best Gaming Keypad? - 2018 Top reviews

If you’re trying to find the best gaming keypad, look no further. We’ve done the legwork for you already.

Finding the best gaming keypad wasn’t easy, but we managed it.

We are giving you five great options at five price ranges. Any one of these could be considered the best gaming keypad depending on your needs, but our personal favorite is the Orbweaver Chroma Elite.

For those of you just stumbling on this article, a gaming keypad is essentially made to allow easier PC gaming on the go. It also provides added comfort and customizability versus your traditional keyboard experience, making gaming keypads fairly popular in eSports.

Gaming keypads aren’t just a half of a keyboard- at least, most of them aren’t. They’re made to provide a comfortable and customizable gaming experience.

If that interests you, we recommend reading on and taking a look at all our contenders have to offer.

Which one you’ll settle on, well, that’s completely up to you. Let’s jump into our contenders.

1byone Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Finding The Best Gaming Keypad: Breakdown

namekeysswitch typeextra featuresRating
#1Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGBRazer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB 30MechanicalAnalog Stick, Full RGB Backlighting, Fully-Programmable Keys4.5/5
#2Razar Tartarus Chroma Expert RGBRazar Tartarus Chroma Expert RGB 25MembraneAnalog Stick, Partial RGB Backlighting, Fully-Programmable Keys4/5
#3Logitech G13 Programmable GameboardLogitech G13 Programmable Gameboard 25Membrane LCD Display, Analog Stick, 5 Onboard Profiles, Fully-Programmable Keys4/5
#41byone Mechanical Gaming Keypad1byone Mechanical Gaming Keypad 29MechanicalMechanical Keys, Full RGB Backlighting3.75/5
#5Delux T9Delux T9 46Membrane N/A3/5

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB


  • Keys
  • Switch Type
  • Extra Features
    Analog Stick, Full RGB Backlighting, Fully-Programmable Keys

Our highest-ranker is the Orbweaver, which sacrifices on no features whatsoever- even the price.

There are no real compromises here. By using Synapse, you can have all the profiles and customization that you want from your keypad.

Additionally, the RGB implementation in the Orbweaver is what most people think about when they think about RGB: individually-backlit keys, fully customizable. Unlike other options on this list, which skip out on RGB or provide a poor implementation, the Orbweaver proudly boasts a complete implementation of this feature.

If you want the combined strengths of all the other keypads on this list, the Orbweaver is your best bet. It would win in a fight against all of the other options, which is why it’s #1 on our list of best gaming keypads.

Unfortunately, that does come for a price. Quite literally.

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Razar Tartarus Chroma Expert RGB


  • Keys
  • Switch Type
  • Extra Features
    Analog Stick, Partial RGB Backlighting, Fully-Programmable Keys

The Razer Tartarus is a popular but expensive option. Depending on your needs, though, it could very well be the best gaming keypad for you.

The first touted benefit it has to offer is the RGB backlighting.

When most people think of RGB backlighting, they think of being able to change the color of all the individual keys. This, however, isn’t the case with the Tartarus.

Instead, you can choose one color for the entire board to assume, depending on the profile you have selected at the time. While you can set keys to toggle or rotate between colors, this doesn’t provide the RGB experience that most modern consumers expect.

Aside from the half-RGB implementation and the membrane keys, there aren’t much other downsides to the Tartarus.

While the price is a bit higher than other options and Synapse can be slightly annoying to deal with, you still have a great keypad. If you want something well-built and comfortable to use, the Tartarus will accomplish that with some style.

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Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard


  • Keys
  • Switch Type
  • Extra Features
    LCD Display, Analog Stick, 5 Onboard Profiles, Fully-Programmable Keys

One of the most interesting options on this list is the Logitech G13. While it doesn’t have mechanical keys or full RGB backlighting, it’s completely insane from a customization standpoint.

First and foremost is that the G13 stores up to five onboard profiles, while keeping all of the keys fully programmable. This means you can have different configurations for your five favorite games, all stored on the same device and easily toggle-able.

Another offering unique to the G13 is its mini LCD display. This LCD display can show off system information, in-game information and in-game messages, depending on the title and the configuration.

While that’s a fringe benefit, it can be quite useful for those who utilize it.

Additionally, the G13 isn’t branded as RGB. You can choose from hundreds of backlight colors on the device.

Honestly, the only actual downside of the device is the fact that it doesn’t have mechanical keys. But, with all of these other features, can you really complain?

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1byone Mechanical Gaming Keypad


  • Keys
  • Switch Type
  • Extra Features
    Mechanical Keys, Full RGB Backlighting

The 1byone Keypad, meanwhile, is pretty powerful for its price.

It’s the cheapest option on this list that provides mechanical keys, resulting in a much more tactile, responsive gaming experience.

In addition to mechanical keys, this keypad also offers full RGB customization. While others offer customizable backlighting options, this is the first that offers full RGB customization, not being limited to just one color for the entire pad.

However, if onboard profiles or an analog stick are what you want the most, this keypad won’t provide what you’re looking for.

Additionally, its software controls are all done through a CD shipped with the device. If you don’t have an optical drive, you’ll need to contact 1byone directly in order to customize your experience.

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Delux T9


  • Keys
  • Switch Type
  • Extra Features

The Delux T9 is the best entry-level gaming keypad, offering a comfortable form factor and a ton of keys at only $30. That being said, while its status as an entry-level contender is noted, it does suffer from a number of key downsides.

The first and most obvious is a lack of programmable keys. You’ll have to manually change all of your in-game bindings to suit this gaming keypad, and for many that’s already no deal.

A lack of mechanical keys or an analog stick also hurt this among the gamer crowd. While it’s easily the best option for this price and under, it doesn’t really compete with any of the ones that follow.

With that in mind, we recommend moving up a bit unless you’re pinching pennies.

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Selection Criteria

Analog Stick

Analog sticks are popular on gaming keypads since they allow users to forego WASD for a thumb-only movement option. Using a stick does mean you have to bind jump to one of your other keys, but this significantly frees up your fingers to input more commands simultaneously.

Additionally, for people coming from a console experience, using an analog stick for their movement comes much more naturally. While it’s not quite a perfect implementation, it does have its benefits, especially with this form factor.

RGB and Backlighting

Second up is backlighting. Most of the options on this list offer some form of backlighting, whether it’s basic LED backlighting, partial RGB backlighting or full RGB backlighting.

Basic LED backlighting essentially just illuminates your keys with one color only, typically white. This applies to the entire keypad.

Partial RGB backlighting functions similarly, but allows you to choose most of the colors in the spectrum to backlight your entire keypad.

Full RGB backlighting allows you to choose almost all of the colors in the spectrum to backlight your keypad. Not just in one color, either- in varying colors, sometimes even on a per-key or per-group basis.

“Full RGB backlighting” is usually what jumps to mind when people refer to RGB customization.


Last but not least, the ability to set up your device with a custom profile is important so it doesn’t mess with your normal keyboard’s ingame bindings or behavior. Being able to toggle between multiple profiles also allows you to adjust your needs according to the game you’re playing, instead of being restricted to just one configuration.

The more customizable your gaming experience, the better. That’s a mantra of PC gaming, and it applies especially to gaming keypads.

Making Your Choice

And here we are.

Mostly, what you go with depends on your budget.

If you can afford the best, buy the Orbweaver and have the best.

If you’re budget-minded, the Delux T9 and 1byone are the most value-oriented options.
Of the two of them, we recommend the 1byone, thanks to its mechanical keys and full RGB backlighting, though you will lose out on an analog stick/multiple profiles for this.

If you can buy a midrange device, the G13 and the Tartarus come in at the same price and are good for different things. Choose the G13 to prioritize customization and the Tartarus to prioritize aesthetics and comfort.

No matter what you go with, you can’t really go wrong.

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